CMST 208: Reporting in the Digital Revolution

Credits 5
Distribution List
Academic Elective

Learn in incremental stages to gather information through direct observation, interviewing, document searches, web searches, and database mining with software, such as Access and Excel, and to build a report. Use the tools of reporting to increase the accuracy and depth of news stories with an emphasis on public affairs. Learn the philosophy and anatomy of a narrative story, drawn from short story fiction and creative news stories. These tools will be applied in the pursuit of reporting basic news and to exploring trends, creating profiles, and dissecting organizations in more advanced stories. This class may include students from multiple sections. (Humanities, Elective)


Completion of ENGL& 101

  1. Apply critical thinking skills.
  2. Articulate ideas in speech and writing.
  3. Gather information using a variety of traditional and electronic resources.
  4. Accept responsibility for one’s learning.
  5. Work cooperatively and collaboratively with others.
  6. Recognize the differences between fact and opinion.
  7. Edit others work in a professional and collaborative style.
  8. Design news pages.
  9. Begin to understand and facilitate publication production.
  10. Begin to understand the multiple means and manners of leadership.
  11. Display professional development for lifelong learning.