CMST& 220 : Public Speaking

Explores classic and modern elements of persuasion and applies that understanding to assemble, deliver, and evaluate extemporaneous speeches. (H)

Recommended Prerequisites:

Course Outcomes

  1. Rehearse, outline, and present a variety of extemporaneous speeches.
  2. Analyze the rhetoric structure of argumentation.
  3. Respond critically to oral presentations by other students.
  4. Define rhetorical appeals and objectives.
  5. Develop a working outline of main idea including a thesis statement, introduction, and conclusion.
  6. Employ effective semantic selection.
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of verbal and non-verbal messages.
  8. Identify the four major goals of persuasion in speeches.
  9. Develop effective persuasive strategies that are appropriate to neutral and unfavorable audiences.
  10. Analyze a published modern speech using criteria of classic and modern elements of persuasion.