CSE 110: Game Design I / Draw Animation

Credits 5

Creating art assets for video games can be a demanding process. It is impossible to build good concept art for games without basic drawing skills. Improve your artistic abilities and learn how to apply those abilities in the digital world using tools such as Photoshop and Blender.


  1. Identify common techniques used for drawing.
  2. Define common terms including perspective, shading, and negative space.
  3. Use a scanner to digitize drawings.
  4. Utilize hand drawn images in 2D animations.
  5. Identify common tools used to create art for 2 Dimensional graphics.
  6. Describe the process of animation.
  7. Use drawing tools and software to edit and color scanned pictures.
  8. Utilize common media formats for storing picture data for games.
  9. Work with graphic design tools to convert drawings to sprites and textures for game worlds.
  10. Identify fundamental differences between pixel and vector graphics.
  11. Make art work for a simple working 2D game.