CONST 102: Woodworking II

Credits 5 Lecture hours per quarter 22
Lab hours per quarter
Quarter Offered

Students will explore the art of creating finished pieces and establishing a career in the woodworking industry. This class covers advanced woodworking, cabinet making, and Labor and Industry guidelines for shop floor plans and walkways. Students will construct using jogs and templates. This class may include students from multiple sections. (Formerly GRBD 102)

This class has a $65 construction technology course fee.

  1. Students will be able to recognize and demonstrate proper and safe usage of modern hand and portable power tools and stationary tools.
  2. Students will demonstrate the knowledge of OSHA and WA St. Dept L & I guidelines and requirements by designing a shop floor print, complete with walkways, minimum tool requirements, workflow and storage.
  3. Students will explain the meaning of significant figures an tolerances as they relate to woodworking.
  4. Students will demonstrate their ability to build precision cabinets by making drawing and building cabinet box, face, doors and drawers to within 1/32" tolerances.
  5. Students will demonstrate their ability to make matching pieces by constructing and using jigs and templates.