DRMA& 101: Intro to Theatre

Credits 5
Quarter Offered
Distribution List
Academic Elective

Introduction to history, art, and craft of theater. Plays are read and discussed. Play production is studied from the viewpoints of the playwright, actor, director, and theater technicians. Attendance at current community theater production is desirable. ENGL& 101 highly recommended. This class may include students from multiple sections. (Humanities, Elective)

  1. Apply Aristotle’s six traditional parts of drama: plot, character, theme, music, diction, and spectacle in relation to excerpts from several significant plays, ranging from classical to contemporary theatre.
  2. List and explain traits that theatre shares with other kinds of performance.
  3. Describe the basic process of script development and key elements of plot structure.
  4. Apply basic performance skills, with a focus on “honesty” in character development and action.
  5. Explain how design and technical theatre areas enhance and support a live performance.
  6. List and explain traits of theatre itself including configurations and stage shapes.
  7. Practice costume and set design.
  8. Perform a monologue and a duet.
  9. Write a critique of a play performed locally.
  10. Write and perform a two person scene.