ECON& 201: Microeconomics

Credits 5

Promotes use of critical thinking to explore an individual's relationship to the supply and demand of goods and services. Tools of economic analysis are used to investigate management of environmental systems. (Social Science)

ECON& 202: Macroeconomics

Credits 5

Presents economic theories used as tools for critical thinking to show how the U.S. economy operates. Emphasis on causes and consequences of unemployment and inflation and how they affect the well-being of Americans. The use of government spending, taxation, and the monetary system to promote full employment and stable prices will be examined. Explores role of energy and natural resources in shaping our economic future. (Social Science)

ECON 101: Introduction to Economics

Credits 5

Introduction to fundamental economic concepts through contemporary social issues. Examine how societies deal with limited resources and social, cultural, and political responses to changing economic conditions. Recommended for those seeking a greater understanding of economics and contemporary issues. (Social Science)