ECON 101: Introduction to Economics

Introduction to fundamental economic concepts through contemporary social issues. Examine how societies deal with limited resources and social, cultural, and political responses to changing economic conditions. Recommended for those seeking a greater understanding of economics and contemporary issues. This class may include students from multiple sections. (Social Sciences, Elective)


MATH 90 or AMATH 121 or concurrent enrollment; and eligibility for ENGL& 101

  1. Students will use economic history to explain the evolution of economic institutions and their ideological legitimation of the distribution of welfare.
  2. Students will use graphical models – consumption possibilities, production possibilities, demand and supply, aggregate demand and supply – to explain economic outcomes.
  3. Students will explain, using economic models, how fiscal and monetary policy affect the business cycle.
  4. Students will access primary data for macroeconomic performance from the BEA, BLS and Census to test propositions about economic outcomes as shaped by public policy.
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Social Sciences,
Academic Elective