ENGL 240: Children’s Literature

Credits 5
Quarter Offered
Spring (odd year)
Distribution List
Academic Elective

An examination of the variety and diversity of literature that forms a part of the imaginative experience of children and adolescents, as well as a part of a larger literary heritage, viewed in the light of their social, psychological, political, and moral implications. Exploration of book format, major genres, and works buy notable authors and illustrators. This class may include students from multiple sections. (Humanities, Elective)


ENGL& 101 or instructor permission

  1. List criteria for excellence in children’s books in general and by specific types.
  2. Evaluate children’s books based on criteria of experts in field.
  3. Identify some of the best authors and illustrators of children’s books.
  4. Discuss and evaluate multiple genres of children’s books.
  5. Analyze the value of a lifelong enjoyment of children’s books.
  6. Discuss how presenting books to children may impact their learning, creativity, and social skills.