ENGL& 244: American Literature I

Credits 5
Quarter Offered
Spring (even year),
Distribution List
Academic Elective

Survey of classic works as well as new voices from the beginning of American literature to the present. This class may include students from multiple sections. (Humanities, Elective)


ENGL& 101 or instructor permission

  1. Read actively and analytically about individuals' and cultures' values, practices, behaviors, and expectations.
  2. Engage with the complexity of literature by thinking creatively and logically about what an author is communicating and how it relates to one's own beliefs and experiences.
  3. Analyze one's own values and how family, community, place, and nation influence them; consider one's identity in relation to people from varying backgrounds, cultures, and communities.
  4. Acknowledge different viewpoints and evaluate and challenge assumptions and conclusions-both one's own and others.
  5. Write pieces controlled by a central argument that are well-edited and supported with specific examples from the texts.
  6. Reduce fears and timidity in expressing opinions in a group setting, acknowledge the needs and expectations of others, and reflect on the impact one's participation has on a group setting and discussion.