ENVS& 101: Introduction to Environmental Science with Lab

Credits 5
Quarter Offered
Distribution List
Natural Sciences — Lab,
Academic Elective

An interdisciplinary science course for both non-science majors and science students. Topics include the practice of environmental science, ecological principles, demographics, forest and wildlife resources, energy, planning, climate change, and pollution. Underlying scientific principles and practices, including the exploration and presentation of scientific uncertainty, are identified and related to societal issues. This class may include students from multiple sections. (Natural Sciences with Lab, Elective)


MATH 98/99 and placement into ENGL& 101

  1. Describe the process of science as it is practiced by professional scientists;
  2. Describe the key tenets of the science of ecology;
  3. Describe current major environmental issues;
  4. Define the scientific concept of risk and its role in environmental issues;•apply scientific approaches, methods, and lab skills to explore environmental issues in greater depth;
  5. Apply knowledge of ecology, risk, and the practice of science to critically evaluate environmental issues, particularly in the interplay between science and politics; and
  6. Use scientific problem solving skills in novel ways, and share subsequent information through written and oral communication.