CUL 166: Bread I

The student will be introduced to the basic mixing methods of yeast doughs, the preparation of enrobed doughs, and shaping of a variety of rolls, basic and specialty breads, breakfast and savory items. During this course, the student will gain an understanding of ingredients and their uses, correct scaling, baking and finishing methods, and practice safety & sanitation procedures.


  1. Ability to use different scales accurately and efficiently in order to produce accurate mis en place.
  2. Ability to convert recipe quantities and units in order to produce accurate mis en place in a professional environment. 
  3. Ability to work in concert with other employees adhering to industry work ethic standards. Ability to work clean, neat and in assembly line form while implementing professional kitchen verbiage and communication. 
  4. Ability to produce quality Ferments and Pre-ferments, rich and lean doughs, artisan and other breads in a professional manner. 
  5. Students will use critical thinking to evaluate and determine how different mixing methods and ingredients will affect your final product.