CUL 167: Cookies I

Credits 5

The student will be introduced to basic mixing methods for making cookies. The student will prepare assorted cookie doughs using the one stage creaming and sponge methods and prepare basic types of cookies and their assorted finishes. During this course, the student will gain an understanding of ingredients and their uses, correct scaling, baking and finishing methods. Selection, care and handling of equipment will be emphasized.


  1. Ability to appropriately select and execute the correct mixing method for the specific recipe.
  2. Ability to prepare cookie dough, bake, cool, store and package finished product in a professional manner. 
  3. Ability to scale recipe accurately and select proper tool to portion accurately. Ability to produce a uniform and consistent product repeatedly.
  4. Student will work faster, cleaner and smarter using assembly line techniques while developing a sense of urgency and overall speed in the workshop.  
  5. Students will use critical thinking to evaluate and determine how different mixing methods and ingredients will affect the final product.