CUL 178: Decorating I

Credits 5

This course will introduce the student to the practicality and techniques of basic cake mixing, filling assembling, masking, icing and decorating cakes. Basic tool handling and piping skills will be taught. Assorted cheesecake fillings, as well as curds and tarts will also be introduced.


  1. Ability to use previously learned skills to now work with new sugar techniques creating professional quality buttercreams and frostings. 
  2. Ability to cut, fill, frost and decorate square and round cakes with buttercream, frosting and other medians.
  3. Ability to display basic chocolate working skills including ganache, truffle making and chocolate decorative work. Comprehension of the science of chocolate, its properties and how it behaves and reacts with other ingredients.
  4. As a student advanced in the program, the student will demonstrate leadership qualities assisting and leading newer students in their tasks while focusing and finishing their own assignments. 
  5. Students will use critical thinking to evaluate and determine how different mixing methods and ingredients will affect the final product.