CUL 175: French Pastry I

Credits 5

This course is designated to give the student a practical exposure to the fundamentals of assorted enrobed, non-yeasted doughs, basic creams, fillings and cooked doughs.


  1. Complete comprehension of the science of enrobed doughs facilitating execution at a professional level of various items such as croissants and danishes.
  2. Ability to create enrobed doughs by hand, from scratch and manipulate in various ways for varied presentations. 
  3. Ability to make various basic fillings and creams and ability to use proper ratio of dough to filling for a well-balanced final product. 
  4. Students will practice creating consistent and uniform products ensuring the customer’s content plus controlling cost for profit gains. This will also build speed and professionalism.
  5. Students will use critical thinking to evaluate and determine how different mixing methods and ingredients will affect the final product.