HSEM 240: Workbased Learning Experience

Credits 4
Quarter Offered

Provides students "real world experiences" in homeland security and emergency management. Students learn to work within time constraints and are exposed to appropriate workplace behaviors. Students will have opportunities to refine the core skills they have learned from the courses or curriculum. This class may include students from multiple sections. 


2.0 or higher in HSEM 102 or concurrent enrollment, and HSEM 249

  1. Obtain homeland security emergency management work experience through volunteering, job shadowing, interning, and/or agreeing to be evaluated by a current supervisor.
  2. Set workplace learning objectives, develop a plan for accomplishing those objectives, document the learning process, and assess their success in reaching objectives.
  3. Write a career path plan communicating where they want to be in their careers five years in the future and the steps they will take to make it happen.