Hospitality and Ecotourism

Degrees and Certificates


HOSP 100: Introduction to Hospitality

Credits 5
Explore the hospitality and tourism industry including lodging, restaurants, managed services, recreation, theme parks, clubs, and gaming entertainment; and assemblies. Learn universal service standards, customer service for guests and key elements of professional service delivery.

HOSP 110: Leadership & Management for Hospitality

Credits 5

This class offers a comprehensive foundation of hospitality management, the world's largest industry. Explore the role of strategy in creating firm value and growth and stresses the relationship between leadership theory, strategic thinking and financial management for hospitality and tourism. Students will discuss structure and implementation, performance and environmental scanning.  This class may include students from multiple sections. 

HOSP 120: Ecotourism

Credits 5
Overview of the socio-cultural, ecological, economic and community impacts of ecotourism. Explore ecoguide certification and sustainable dimensions of ecotourism from the perspective of conservation. Students will examine ecotourism governance and policy and create an ecotourism program plan.

HOSP 130: Hospitality and Tourism Marketing

Credits 5
Learn an integrative approach to hospitality sales from a team perspective. Analyze consumer behavior, promotion and sales for the hospitality and tourism industry. Develop a hospitality focused marketing distribution channel and promotional plan.

HOSP 150: Sustainable Tourism Policy and Planning

Credits 3
Overview of sustainable tourism policy and planning. Students will learn key concepts of tourism and the leisure industry including the development of tourism, tourism supply and demand, transport, accommodation, governance and sustainability in the tourism industry. Explore the future of regional, global, and heritage tourism.

HOSP 215: Adventure Travel Leadership and Guiding

Credits 5
This course will provide an overview of customer service, content delivery, and sustainability for adventure travel leadership and guiding. This course will provide a foundation for those interested in pursuing a career in Adventure Travel, as well as connecting existing professionals to international standards. This course will also examine issues and trends in the adventure travel industry and specifically those affecting guides, tour leaders, and instructors.

HOSP 220: Technology in the Hospitality Industry

Credits 5
Learn the basics of purchasing, implementing, maintaining, and effectively managing a variety of technology systems such as reservations systems, room management, guest accounting, property management, catering software, point-of-sale, food and beverage management, and security maintenance for technology.

HOSP 230: Event Planning

Credits 5
Overview of event planning, coordination and catering. Students will explore professional event coordination and develop a comprehensive event plan that focuses on guest experience. Learn catering operations including menu planning and design, pricing, equipment, and staffing.

HOSP 250: Hotel Operations

Credits 5

Learn best practices and future directions in the hotel operations management.  Apply strategies for flow of the guest experiences, from reservation, arrival, and registration, to service purchasing, departure, billing, and record keeping.  This class may include students from multiple sections.

HOSP 290: Hospitality Internship

Credits 1 5

This class will provide opportunities for Hospitality and Ecotourism students to participate in internships with local businesses.