HUMDV 110: Career/Life Planning

Credits 1 3

Explores career and life options that fit individual interests, needs, and skills through an informative, interactive process. Start with what you know about yourself and create a path for the future. Includes interest inventories, informational interviewing, job market information, and how to create effective resumes.

  1. Assess and discuss individual skills, values, interests, attitudes and approaches that inform career and life decision-making.
  2. Evaluate occupational information and current labor market trends in the context of individual skills, interests, lifestyle and goals.
  3. Articulate through writing the reasoning behind informed choices related to careers.
  4. Research information on how and where one can acquire the experience and knowledge required for employment in a particular profession.
  5. Build resumes and cover letters.
  6. Research information on four-year colleges and degrees needed for selected careers.