Human Development (HUMDV)


HUMDV 101: Success in the Online Classroom

Credits 1

Overview of what to expect in an online course and how to make web-based learning more productive and rewarding. Meet in an online classroom that simulates a typical web-based learning environment. Students will learn how to use online courseware, navigate threaded discussions, locate articles and research materials, create an electronic presentation, and save electronic documents for presentation on the internet. This class may include students from multiple sections.

HUMDV 103: Student Success Skills

Credits 1

Develop the essential skills necessary to achieve student success through this fun and informative class. Students will learn effective communication skills, creative problem solving techniques, helpful decision making skills, how to establish a support network with other students, and how to set and achieve realistic goals. Class includes time on the outdoor stationary Challenge Course. No prerequisites. No text required.

HUMDV 110: Career/Life Planning

Credits 1 3

Explores career and life options that fit individual interests, needs, and skills through an informative, interactive process. Start with what you know about yourself and create a path for the future. Includes interest inventories, informational interviewing, job market information, and how to create effective resumes.

HUMDV 112: Occupational Exploration

Credits 1 2

Emphasis on informed choices relating to careers. Self-assessment, occupational information, and current labor market trends stressed. Assess individual skills, values, interests, attitudes, and approaches to decision-making.

HUMDV 114: Resume Writing

Credits 1 2

Create general and/or targeted employment resumes, using functional and chronological formats. Includes information about effective resume presentation style and approaches to use for a particular employment objective.

HUMDV 115: Interview Skills

Credits 1 2

Utilize software and materials available in the Career Services Office to increase skills in interviewing. Participate in a mock interview at the conclusion of the course and receive feedback from the instructor.

HUMDV 120: Human Relations

Credits 3

Survey of workplace skills, including communication, team building, problem solving, and leadership. Emphasis on concepts of perception, attitude, motivation, and ethics.