HUMDV 120: Human Relations

Credits 3
Quarter Offered

Survey of workplace skills, including communication, team building, problem solving, and leadership. Emphasis on concepts of perception, attitude, motivation, and ethics.

  1. Explain the importance of human relations in the workplace.
  2. Acknowledge and apply differences in perceptions to group situations.
  3. Define, analyze, and demonstrate communications skills in speaking and listening.
  4. Describe and employ common strategies for problem solving and for conflict management.
  5. Describe and apply effective group and team-building skills.
  6. Illustrate the value of motivation, mission statement, and goal setting to organizations.
  7. Identify steps in the change process and strategies for reducing and overcoming resistance to change.
  8. Analyze sources and types of leadership and power.
  9. Identify and apply guidelines for ethical behaviors.
  10. Define human diversity and explain how it affects organizations.
  11. Describe employee rights and responsibilities including health and wellness, workplace etiquette, and unions.
  12. Prepare a resume and research good interviewing techniques.