BAS 325: Legal Environments in Business

Credits 5
Quarter Offered

An introduction to the traditional and emerging legal principles and theory involved in business management. Focus on how to manage employees and other relationships without stepping on legal landmines. Emphasis placed on preventative law as well as strategies to resolve workplace conflict without protracted litigation. This class may include students from multiple sections.

Must be seeking a Bachelor of Applied Science in Management degree to enroll. If interested, visit

  1. Overview of Legal Principles: Students will learn legal terms and principles so that they have an understanding of how laws and regulations influence and often dictate the business management of various companies. Students will be able to apply the legal principles to avoid or mitigate lawsuits.
  2. Community Relations: Students will examine and have an understanding of how business interacts with the community through waste, chemicals, and other environment factors. Students will be able to apply sound business and legal principles to avoid lawsuits from environmental pollution.
  3. Consumer Relations: Students will understand an learn legal principles that apply to consumer relations such as manufacturing, marketing, product liability, quality control, misrepresentations, and ethics. Students will be able to implement a vast array of legal and alternative dispute resolution techniques and knowledge to avoid or mitigate lawsuits.
  4. Business-to-Business Relations: Students will understand the contractual relationships including the potential risk and liability when one company breaches its contract. Students will be able to understand and apply legal principles regarding damages, remedies, indemnification, and hold harmless agreements when negotiating workable business and consumer contracts.
  5. Employment Relations: Students will learn and understand the principles of EEOC, state, safety and other laws and regulations that affect the workplace. Students will be able to incorporate solid legal principles to reduce workplace claims. Students will have the tools, tips and techniques to turn reactionary attitudes into proactive mindsets by helping workers collaborate to resolve conflict internally instead of filing lawsuits.