BAS 485: Ethics for Managers

Credits 5
Quarter Offered

Managers will face many important and far-reaching decision making, ethical, and leadership situations in their professional lives. This course provides a systematic way to approach decisions, ethics, and leadership. It analyzes complex decision, ethical, and leadership problems by breaking them into manageable pieces and by providing important insights that will lead to clarity of thought and commitment to action. This class may include students from multiple sections.

Must be seeking a Bachelor of Applied Science in Management degree to enroll. If interested, visit

  1. Recognize and resolve potential and real ethical issues within an organization that may result in a tarnished brand and/or legal liabilities.
  2. Practice effective communication to influence colleagues to prevent and/or resolve ethical issues.
  3. Assess individual, personal ethical values using one or more of the theories of ethics to determine how to resolve ethical issues.
  4. Identify the multiple ethical interests at stake in real-world situations and articulate what makes a particular course of action ethically defensible and why.