BAS 380: Project Management

Credits 5 Lecture hours per quarter 55
Quarter Offered

In management, projects are major undertakings that have a limited duration (i.e., finite completion point) and, as such, require a unique approach for administration. Course covers the theory and practice of project management in the context of technical and human resource constraints. Students learn to apply the knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques for project activities necessary to meet project requirements through the use of software and the approaches prescribed by the PMBOK. This class may include students from multiple sections.

Must be seeking a Bachelor of Applied Science in Management degree to enroll. If interested, visit


BAS Management Programs Admittance

  1. Practice leadership and management techniques to incorporate a diversity of views and opinions to quickly move a team from the forming stage into the performing stage, creatively resolve issues, and achieve organizational objectives.
  2. Practice interpersonal communication techniques to share ideas, exchanging information; and effectively influence a variety of stakeholders.
  3. Utilize a variety of tools to communicate team and individual deliverables, receive and provide project updates, and resolve problems to ensure the project remains on track.
  4. Construct project plan consisting of a charter, project scope, identified stakeholders, communication plan, work breakdown structure and Gantt chart, human resource needs, budget, as well as risk assessment.