MATH 108: Math for Elementary Teachers II

Credits 5
Quarter Offered
Spring (even year)
Distribution List
Quantitative Skills,
Natural Sciences,
Academic Elective

Methods topics include teaching the usage of technology. Math topics include algebra, geometry, measurement, and statistics. This course satisfies the quantitative skills requirement for the AA-DTA degree, provided that Math for Elementary Teachers I has also been completed satisfactorily. This class may include students from multiple sections. (Quantitative Skills, Natural Sciences, Elective)


MATH 106 and P in MATH 90 or equivalent

  1. Understand and apply foundations of current pedagogical theories of the learning mathematics by elementary students, particularly with respect to the mathematical concepts in the K-8 curriculum.
  2. Analyze, understand, and solve problems involving proportional reasoning and uncertainty and probability.
  3. Analyze, understand, and solve problems involving three facets of geometry: shapes, transformations of shapes, and measurement.