MED 135: Medical Office Procedures

Credits 4
Quarter Offered

This course is designed to provide instruction in general office administration duties. Topics to be covered include telecommunications, scheduling, filing, interpersonal communications, and professional correspondence. There will be review and discussion of various machines and equipment used in the business office, as well as exercises in the maintenance of office equipment, procurement of supplies, and maintenance of inventory. Students will be instructed in the use of an educational electronic health record (EHR) system. This class may include students from multiple sections.


Medical Assisting or Medical Office Assisting Program Admittance

Competencies/Objectives/Outcomes/Methods of Assessment/Assignment:
Applied Communications
V. Concepts of Effective Communication

  • V.C.7. Identify different types of electronic technology used in professional communication
  • V.P.1. Respond to nonverbal communication
  • V.P.3. Coach patients regarding:
    a. office policies
    b. medical encounters
  • V.P.4. Demonstrate professional telephone techniques
  • V.P.5. Document telephone messages accurately
  • V.P.6. Using technology, compose clear and correct correspondence
  • V.P.7. Use a list of community resources to facilitate referrals
  • V.P.8. Participate in a telehealth interaction with a patient Medical Business Practices

VI. Administrative Functions

  • VI.C.1 Identify different types of appointment scheduling methods
  • VI.C.2. Identify critical information required for scheduling patient procedures
  • VI.C.3. Recognize the purpose for routine maintenance of equipment
  • VI.C.4. Identify steps involved in completing an inventory
  • VI.C.5. Identify the importance of data backup
  • VI.C.6. Identify the components of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and a Practice Management System (PMS)
  • VI.P.1. Manage appointment schedule using established priorities
  • VI.P.2. Schedule a patient procedure
  • VI.P.3. Input patient data using an electronic system
  • VI.P.4. Perform an inventory of supplies
  • A.4. Demonstrate active listening