MED 155: Medical Office Assistant Extern and Capstone

Credits 6
Quarter Offered

Final core curriculum course for students seeking to become medical office assistants or specialists. The course prepares students to perform routine administrative medical office duties in an outpatient setting. Students completing this course will be expected to develop a professional portfolio, apply for a national credentialing exam of their choice, participate in job-seeking activities, and participate in a brief externship wherein they will be expected to perform tasks relevant to the MOA job description. This class may include students from multiple sections.


Medical Office Assisting Program Admittance; eligibility for ENGL& 101 and MATH 90; MED 135 with a 2.0 or higher

  1. Apply for a minimum of two real-world jobs.
  2. Purchase and work through a study guide and/or interactive review package for the national credentialing exam of the student's choice. Exams they may be eligible to challenge include the NCMOA (NCCT) exam, the NCICS (NCCT) exam, and any national billing and coding exams they are qualified to challenge.
  3. Develop a professional portfolio, including a resume, sample cover letter, letters of reference, reference list, samples of completed student work, unofficial transcripts, immunizations (if applicable), completed background checks (if applicable), and any other materials the student wishes to include.
  4. Complete a minimum two-week supervised externship/practicum wherein the student will be assigned a supervisor and/or preceptor that will guide them through an on-the-job experience, performing the tasks and skills required for the job.