MED 165: Clinical Practicum for Medical Assistants

Credits 6
Quarter Offered

Provides students with at least 160 clock hours of externship experience in ambulatory care facilities. Students will be required to maintain and submit documentation of the psychomotor and affective domain competencies they experience at practicum sites. Students will also submit assignments online that demonstrate how they incorporate cognitive domain competencies and critical thinking skills into their daily practice as medical assistants. This class may include students from multiple sections. 


Medical Assisting Program Admittance

  1. Function professionally in a legal and ethical manner as a medical assistant
  2. Use medical terminology correctly
  3. Effectively communicate with other healthcare team members, patients, and physicians
  4. Procure and distribute both office supplies and medical supplies
  5. Manage documents, both paper and electronic, in a medical office
  6. Demonstrate proficiency with basic medical testing procedures
  7. Display knowledge and use of techniques for asepsis, workplace safety, and risk management
  8. Demonstrate knowledge and competency in electronic medical billing of multiple insurances
  9. Follow laws and regulations regarding patient privacy and confidentiality
  10. Demonstrate knowledge of ICD-10-CM coding for medical billing
  11. Integrate cognitive domain objectives and psychomotor and affective domain competencies into daily practice