MED 200: Medical Assisting Capstone

Credits 3
Quarter Offered

Overview of job readiness, medical assisting certification exam preparation, credentialing application preparation, portfolio development, and networking in the medical assisting field. Students should be enrolled in this course their last quarter of the program, either concurrently with MED 165 or after its completion. Former students seeking a ‘refresher’ on professional development or credentialing test preparation may register. This class may include students from multiple sections. 


Medical Assisting Program Admittance

  1. Produce up-to-date documentation of provider/professional level CPR
  2. List and discuss legal and illegal applicant interview questions
  3. Develop professional portfolio
  4. Draft resume
  5. Draft cover letter(s)
  6. Participate in mock interview(s)
  7. Develop reference lists and letters of reference
  8. Apply for two positions
  9. Participate in practice testing to prepare for national credentialing exam(s)
  10. Apply for MA-C credential