MED 102 : Medical Terminology for Medical Assistants

Study of medical terminology using a body systems approach, relating terms to the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Word parts are used to build, analyze, define, spell, and pronounce medical terms, including abbreviations. Structural, directional, disease and disorder, surgical, and diagnostic terms will be covered for body structures, body systems, and specialized areas of medicine such as oncology. NOTE: Students need to have entry codes to register.

Course Outcomes

  1. Describe structural organization of the human body
  2. Identify body systems
  3. Describe:
  4. a. body planes
  5. b. directional terms
  6. c. quadrants
  7. d. body cavities
  8. List major organs in each body system
  9. Identify the anatomical location of major organs in each body system
  10. Compare structure and function of the human body across the life span
  11. Describe the normal function of each body system
  12. Identify medical terms, labeling the word parts
  13. Define medical terms and abbreviations related to all body systems
  14. Describe the origin of medical terms
  15. Spell and pronounce medical terms correctly