MED 150 : Medical Billing and Coding I

This course gives medical assisting students an introduction to managed care and insurance coverage. Students will learn medical billing practices including electronic submission and computerized billing techniques, and includes ICD-9, ICD-10, and CPT coding. Students will be instructed in the use of an educational electronic medical record (EMR) system. NOTE: Students need to have entry codes to register.

Course Outcomes

  1. Define the following bookkeeping terms:
  2. a. charges
  3. b. payments
  4. c. accounts receivable
  5. d. accounts payable
  6. e. adjustments
  7. Describe banking procedures as related to the ambulatory care setting
  8. Identify precautions for accepting the following types of payments:
  9. a. cash
  10. b. check
  11. c. credit card
  12. d. debit card
  13. Describe types of adjustments made to patient accounts, including:
  14. a. non-sufficient funds (NSF) check
  15. b. collection agency transaction
  16. c. credit balance
  17. d. third party
  18. Identify types of information contained in the patient’s billing record
  19. Explain patient financial obligations for services rendered
  20. Perform accounts receivable procedures to patient accounts including posting:
  21. a. charges
  22. b. payments
  23. c. adjustments
  24. Prepare a bank deposit
  25. Obtain accurate patient billing information
  26. Inform a patient of financial obligations for services rendered
  27. Demonstrate professionalism when discussing patient’s billing record
  28. Display sensitivity when requesting payment for services rendered
  29. Identify:
  30. a. types of third party plans
  31. b. information required to file a third party claim
  32. c. the steps for filing a third party claim
  33. Outline managed care requirements for patient referral
  34. Describe processes for:
  35. a. verification of eligibility for services
  36. b. precertification
  37. c. preauthorization
  38. Define a patient-centered medical home (PCMH)
  39. Differentiate between fraud and abuse