MED 201: Introduction to Patient Advocacy

Class Program
Credits 5
Quarter Offered

This course is designed to offer insights into patient advocacy and navigation, and the patient healthcare facilitation process. Students will learn how to facilitate communication among patients, caregivers, and physicians and how to develop care plans for patients. Emphasis is placed on methods of patient education and communication in regard to special populations. NOTE: Students need to have entry codes to register. This class may include students from multiple sections. 

Competencies/Objectives/Outcomes/Methods of Assessment/Assignment:
Applied Communications
V. Concepts of Effective Communication

  • V.C.10. Identify the role of the medical assistant as a patient navigator
  • V.C.13. Identify the basic concepts of the following theories:
    • a. Maslow
    • b. Erikson
    • c. Kubler-Ross
  • V.C.14. Identify issues associated with diversity as it relates to patient care
  • A.5. Respect diversity
  • A.8. Demonstrate self-awareness