MEDIA 115: Introduction to Digital Video

Credits 5
Quarter Offered

This course introduces students to digital video, audio, motion graphics, and digital filming techniques. Students will plan, film, edit, and stream short digital videos on the internet. Students enrolling in this class must supply their own digital video camera and have good computer skills. This class may include students from multiple sections.

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the digital video production workflow, storyboarding, video shooting techniques, and terminology.
  2. Transform clips into a coherent video sequence with video editing software to adjust color, modify audio, and insert special effects, titles and transitions.
  3. Identify issues related to digital video content creation as effective visual communication and investigate how the audience, purpose, and end goal impacts the final video production.
  4. Discuss and apply copyright and fair use of digital videos and music for public display.
  5. Compress and stream video for delivery on the internet and create an e-portfolio to showcase course projects.