MEDIA 195: Infographic and Data Visualization

Credits 5
Quarter Offered

Learn the foundational elements of digital storytelling and infographics in various media for education, training, information and promotion. Create immersive, interactive, and engaging narratives that deliver moving and enduring messages through multimedia techniques. Develop persuasive and visually attractive graphics that communicate information more effectively in various digital media that deliver data audiences remember. Good computer file management skills is recommended. This class may include students from multiple sections.

  1. Research and analyze successful transmedia stories, marketing, infographics, and data visualizations.
  2. Develop a unique interactive story, collaborate and collect data for an interactive design, and foster digital citizenship.
  3. Build a visual vocabulary of icons and symbols while exploring various digital tools and techniques to illustrate, photograph, or film stories.
  4. Devise nonlinear storyboards, style guides, mood boards, mockups, and wireframes an engaging narrative to educate and entertain.
  5. Curate, produce, and present a collaborative digital storytelling project or infographics online to connect with social media.