MUSC 246-248: Vocal Ensemble IV, V, VI

Credits 2
Quarter Offered
Distribution List
Academic Elective

Continuation of MUSC 148. This class may include students from multiple sections. (Elective)

  1. Sing jazz and contemporary music in various tempos, including the following: ballads, jazz swing, and latin.
  2. Demonstrate appropriate stage presence in a performance setting, including the following: be able to introduce music performed by both soloist and ensemble to the audience, wear appropriate concert attire as prescribed by the instructor.
  3. Understand and use proper microphone technique while singing.
  4. Understand and apply good breath control and tone while singing, including the following: the use of vibrato and song delivery.
  5. Identify the key concepts in the articulation of song lyrics.
  6. Name and identify the key concepts in the interpretation of jazz and contemporary vocal music, including the following: vowels, dynamics, message of songs performed, theoretical understanding of songs performed, historical information of songs performed.
  7. Display memory of tunes performed in concert setting.
  8. Display consistent attendance and participation in the twice weekly lab setting.