PSYC 242: Psychosocial Issues in Healthcare II

Credits 2
Quarter Offered

Psychosocial Issues in Healthcare II is the second in a series of two courses. Focus is on advanced determinants of mental health and illness, including social, psychological, environmental, spiritual and cultural dimensions across the lifespan and within the context of health care. Topics include violence and substance abuse. This class may include students from multiple sections.


Nursing Program Admittance; PSYC 141, NURS 103

  1. Analyze relevant and abnormal data in the assessment of mental health clients.
  2. Apply evidence based information to make clinical judgments for the mental health patient.
  3. Apply concepts of caring to clients with alterations in mental health and adapt care to in consideration of the client’s values, customs, culture, and/or habits.
  4. Correlate and analyze the performance of safe nursing care with desired physiologic and psychologic outcomes for clients in mental health settings.
  5. Identify components of patient teaching in the context of alterations in mental health.
  6. Apply the nursing process to the client with mental illness, substance abuse or to clients affected by violence.
  7. Apply principles of collaborative decision making in the context of alterations in mental health.
  8. Identify appropriate therapeutic communication related to mental health, mental illness, substance abuse, and violence to clients across the lifespan.
  9. Identify ethical, legal and regulatory frameworks of nursing and standards and scope of nursing practice in the context of with mental illness, substance abuse, and violence.