LEGAL 240: Civil Litigation

Credits 5
Quarter Offered

Introduction to the litigation process and the relationship of litigation to other legal specialties. Learn the civil litigation process and identify different types of civil litigation cases. Topics include commencement of a civil action, pleadings and motions, parties to a case, discovery of evidence, trials, judgments, and appeals, as well as alternatives to litigation. This class may include students from multiple sections. 

  1. Describe the roles of legal personnel in the civil litigation process.
  2. Identify the proper court in which to initiate a lawsuit.
  3. Research and analyze the evidence in the case.
  4. Locate, preserve, and organize evidence in a civil case.
  5. Explain the process of filing a complaint.
  6. List the possible responses and consequences of a complaint response.
  7. Explain the purpose of serving and filing motions in court.
  8. Relate the paralegal's duties in compiling a settlement brochure.
  9. Determine the paralegal's responsibilities for trial preparation.
  10. Describe the paralegal's role in post-trial appeals.