PSYC 205: Human Growth and Development

Class Program
Credits 5
Distribution List
Academic Elective

Survey of human development, focusing on sequences and concepts of physiological, cognitive, social, and emotional development from conception through adolescence. This class may include students from multiple sections. (Elective)


PSYC& 100 or instructor permission

  1. Demonstrate an increase in psychological mindedness.
  2. Demonstrate an increase in the use of psychological terminology.
  3. Demonstrate an increase in tolerance and understanding of the complexity of the human situation.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to express in writing one's philosophy of life and explain it verbally.
  5. Understand and appreciate Human Nature, including the satisfaction of needs, the role of habit, and the potential humans have for mental and emotional growth.
  6. Apply a goal orientation to one's life plan.
  7. Appreciate the value and skills included in communication and intimacy.
  8. Apply the "creative" system to one's career development.
  9. Apply principles of scientific method to the study of human experience.
  10. Discuss the major theoretical schools in the field of psychology to a limited extent.
  11. Apply basic psychological principles to the analysis of human experience.
  12. Comprehends experimental research within the field of social psychology.
  13. Identify a range of topics that can be applied to increase understanding of vital but complex social issues.
  14. Grow in capacity for empathy and understanding as he/she increases their store of psychological constructs that can be applied to the human condition.
  15. Develop an affirmative plan of action.