SOC 215: Human Sexuality

Credits 5
Quarter Offered
Distribution List
Academic Elective

An introduction to contemporary aspects of human sexuality, including development of sexuality over the lifespan, beginning with prenatal gender differentiation and proceeding through adulthood and aging. We will also cover related topics, such as interpersonal aspects of sexual relationships, sexual orientation, pregnancy, parenting choices, and STDs, including HIV/AIDS. ENGL& 101 strongly recommended. This class may include students from multiple sections. Co-listed with H ED 215. (Elective)

  1. Discuss sexuality research and education.
  2. Explain how sexuality influences history, culture, art, media, and the law.
  3. Define and label female and male reproductive anatomy.
  4. Explain human sexual response.
  5. Discuss gender and gender roles in society.
  6. Explain how sexuality encompasses an individual's life.
  7. Describe the process of how an individual develops their sexual individuality, attitudes, and values.
  8. Effectively communicate about sexuality and relationships.
  9. Discuss reproduction, pregnancy, and the birth process.
  10. Discuss the impact of parenthood.
  11. List various birth control methods.
  12. Discuss the impact of unintended pregnancy.
  13. Discuss the diversity of human sexual behavior.
  14. Discuss sexual coercion, rape, and abuse.
  15. Describe how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.
  16. List sexually transmitted diseases and describe their symptoms.
  17. Discuss sexual dysfunctions and their treatments.