ZOOL 101 : Introduction to Zoology

Introduction to the animal phyla. Studies of animal anatomy, physiology, behavior, ecology, and evolution illustrate the diversity and unity of animal life. Emphasis on animals of the Pacific Northwest. (NS)


Eligibility for both ENGL& 101 and MATH 090/091.

Course Outcomes

  1. Students will gain depth in their understanding of some of the central organizing concepts of biology.
  2. Students will gain depth in their understanding of evolutionary processes.
  3. Students will develop a basic familiarity with the major animal phyla and with certain important subphyla or classes. For example, for each group listed below students will be able to describe basic structure, habitat, way of living, any major subgroups.
  4. Students will gain more familiarity with basic concepts of comparative animal anatomy and physiology.  Human examples will get some extra emphasis.
  5. Students will have developed a concept of the history of life on earth.
  6. Students will understand something of the evolution of humans and the impact of humans on the biosphere.
  7. Students will recognize that understanding of biology is continually changing with new research.
  8. Students will feel they have learned some things about the living world that will contribute to their further observing, questioning, learning, thinking, understanding, and decision making.