ECED 260: Practicum III

Credits 5
Quarter Offered

Advanced practicum experience based on skill standards in a developmentally appropriate setting with qualified master teacher. Individualized opportunities for students to practice advanced teaching competencies and professional interactions with site staff and parents. This class may include students from multiple sections. STARS approved.


Completion of ECED& 120 and ECED& 190ECED 147, and at least 30 credits in ECE courses; Grade of 2.0 or higher in ECED& 120, ECED& 190, and ECED 147

  1. Create and maintain a safe and healthy environment.
  2. Meet each child’s individual needs and plan for group needs.
  3. Prepare and evaluate the learning environment.
  4. Develop and implement curriculum.
  5. Support the child and family.
  6. Create and maintain a professional team environment.
  7. Develop personally and professionally.