Environmental Science


ENVS& 100: Survey of Environmental Science

Credits 5

Scientific approach to understanding nature and scope of contemporary problems in our environment. This class will include students from multiple sections. (Natural Science)

ENVS& 101: Introduction to Environmental Science

Credits 5

An interdisciplinary science course for both non-science majors and science students. Topics include the practice of environmental science, ecological principles, demographics, forest and wildlife resources, energy, planning, climate change, and pollution. Underlying scientific principles and practices, including the exploration and presentation of scientific uncertainty, are identified and related to societal issues. (Natural Science)

ENVS 160: Principles of Environmental Sustainability

Credits 5

Explores past and present contributions from major events and leaders to the sustainability movement. It combines the basic ways natural systems work with an understanding of economics, social equity, and ecology, followed by a critical analysis of the societal value and environmental impact of trends in sustainability. This class may include students from multiple sections. (Natural Science)

ENVS 260: Topics in Environmental Science

Credits 1 5

Provides opportunity to explore a wide variety of specialized topics in environmental science. Courses offered by topic. Participants may take more than one topic for credit, provided additional credits are taken in different topics. (Elective)

ENVS 290: Research Topics in Environmental Science

Credits 1 5

Students serve as active members on research teams working to advance knowledge in environmental science. Depending upon the project, students will participate in hypothesis formation, experimental design, data collection, analysis, and determination of conclusions. (Elective)