MEDIA 212: Digital Portfolio

Students will produce a website portfolio of digital media and artwork that showcases creative and technical skills. This capstone course is to guide students through the process of creating multimedia web portfolios for the need for college transfer applications and employment in related fields. Students will select, organize, develop, and present a collection of work that exhibits individual efforts, progress, and achievements. This class may include students from multiple sections.


MEDIA 110 and web design skills

  1. Recognize how visual rhetoric is applied to support the purposes and goals of portfolio effectiveness while planning, organizing, and evaluating individual student portfolios.
  2. Plan, organize, and complete projects that demonstrate knowledge of multimedia communications.
  3. Plan, storyboard, edit and repurpose existing work, map hyperlinks, and create an original website portfolio that meets an appropriate and marketable standard.
  4. Write a personal resume and identify short and long term continuing education and career goals.
  5. Network with potential employers to identify specific requirements to achieve desired employment.