Political Science


POLS& 203: International Relations

Credits 5

Introduction to the core issues and approaches used to understand the international system. The study of international relations broadly encompasses the fields of political economy and international security, both of which will be covered in this course, along with increasingly prominent cross-border issues that require global governance (countries working together to resolve problems). (Social Science)

POLS& 204: Comparative Government

Credits 5

This course introduces us to political systems and governments in different countries. We will learn some core approaches, concepts, themes, and theories that will help us understand, analyze, and compare domestic politics and institutions seen around the world. (Social Science)

POLS 125: Political Ideas and Ideologies

Credits 5

Introductory course aimed at familiarizing the student with important ideas and ideologies that have shaped the contemporary world. Ideologies to be explored include Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism, Nationalism, Fascism, etc. We will explore the philosophical foundations that undergird different political and economic systems in the world. To promote a deeper understanding, we will also read a selection of original works of major contributors within the ideological traditions. (Social Science)