MEDIA 175: Principles of Digital Photography

Credits 4
Quarter Offered

Designed to teach students the principles of digital photography with an emphasis on the discovery of solutions for artistic challenges to composition, lighting, color and photographic technology. Students will explore the cultural influences of visual communication and the evolution of traditional photography into the digital age. Good computer and file management skills are recommended. This class may include students from multiple sections.

  1. Demonstrate a thorough understanding of digital photography terminology, features, and concepts.
  2. Implement camera and photographic methods including measure and control natural lighting, adjust and control white balance, digital exposure, and the visual flow of a photograph using depth of field.
  3. Plan, compose, and photograph varied subjects while developing a unique visual artistry.
  4. Critique and evaluate basic composition and aesthetic elements of photographic images and participate in subject specific online discussions.
  5. Use industry standard digital imaging computer software, Adobe Photoshop, to manipulate photographs and use PowerPoint to create electronic presentations.